Quintrex Package Prices – Australia’s favourite Aluminium boat range

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Quintrex has been manufacturing boats in Australia for over 65 years and has a well-earned reputation for well-priced, well-made and practical boats with cutting edge technology designed specifically for Australian waters.

What makes Quintrex hulls superior?

Quintrex’s unique ability to stretch form aluminium allows us to create shapes only previously made in fibreglass, delivering the softest, driest riding aluminium boats on the market. This is due to the large flared bow, large Chines which come out wider
than a standard hull, and the famous Millennium Hull, a variable deadrise flared hull. The Millennium variable deadrise flared hull splices the water with a nice deep entry, and then rides on that confused and aerated water which acts like a cushion,
a much softer ride in comparison to riding on solid water, like what happens with standard hull designs.